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Love PoemsLove Poems

True Love is like a flower that always blooms in your heart .
Springing forth from the divine, clearer than the cleanest water.
Forever blossoming in your heart, as you will always see,
For God knows no boundaries and this is all true Love can be.

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Below is a sample from our specially chosen love poems, we hope you enjoy:

Emily Dickinson


I gave myself to him,
And took himself for pay.
The solemn contract of a life
Was ratified this way

The value might disappoint,
Myself a poorer prove
Than this my purchaser suspect,
The daily own of Love

Depreciates the sight;
But, 'til the merchant buy,
Still fabled, in the isles of spice
The subtle cargoes lie.

At least, 'tis mutual risk,—
Some found it mutual gain;
Sweet debt of Life,—each night to owe,
Insolvent, every noon.

Far Far Away

When we're not together
my thoughts drift alongside
memories of you
Things we've done
the way you smile so brightly
that helps me forget my worries
and celebrate our wonders.

When we're not together
my moods come into play more often
and make me yearn for the strength
I feel in you
the security I find in your eyes

When we're not together
I sometimes feel so very alone,
for myself and you ...
imagining you being without
my loving feelings
as I am without yours.

When we're not together ...
my best wishes still go with you always,
wishing to share in your exitements
wanting to comfort your hurts
needing to be reassured that
you're keeping warm and well

When we're not together...
I seem to spend my time
wishing that we were.

by Sumod



We hope you enjoy our collection of love poems, love quotes, teenage love quotes, sweet love quotes, sad poems and more. The collection really is beautiful.